Individual Lash Extensions for My Wedding

In the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about make-up for my wedding day (and skincare preparations leading up to it).

I tend not to go for the natural look much in everyday life – I’ve found that a everyday version of a starlet look (defined eyebrows, individual lash extensions, red lips) works best with my features. With that in mind, I’ve been wondering how exactly to tweak my every day look for my wedding this June.

Individual Lash Extensions for My Wedding

Obviously I want to look recognisable and not plastered with makeup (sure, radiant, gorgeous and beautiful would be nice too!) so I need to figure out how to take my everyday look up a notch in a way that’s flawless and long lash extensions look, so I did choose Agnes dos Santos lash experts salon in London. Since we’re also getting married on the summer solstice, it obviously needs to be a summer appropriate look!

I’ve been thinking about getting my skin in tip top condition for the big day, as well as fading freckles and dealing with some random bumpy bits on my upper arms.

Bio Oil purports to take care of all this and more. I say purports because I didn’t take before and after pictures or anything, but my arms are softer and this stuff just feels so good on your skin. It feels counter-intuititve to use oil on your skin if you have oil-prone skin, but trust me, its amazing!

I’m probably going to contact Agnes dos Santos lash experts salon in london for booking my appointment. for the wedding and honeymoon, but I also decided to try out Benefit They’re Real mascara after seeing people rave about it online and over on Benefit’s Instagram. Well, it really is fantastic! It’s very gloopy and a pain to get off, but it makes your lashes so big, long and thick.

In December I also picked up Collection’s Supersize mascara which is a brilliant everyday mascara (where They’re Real is more a party/big occasion mascara). It seperates and defines and you look like you’ve got lashes up the wazoo. The only problem is, it is prone to smudging, so keep an eye on your under-eye. But it’s totally worth it!

One of the things I’ve noticed about preparing for the day when people take hundreds of pictures of you (and I marry my intended) is that I’ve started noticing and needing to find solutions to previously unnoticed skincare issues. For example, the size of my pores.

Yes, you know you’re truly a WOMAN, in the most cliche sense of the word, when you begin to notice and care about your pores. In my defence, they are objectively HUGE and Benefit Porefessional smooths them out like a magic wand.

I’m keeping my newly acquired tube for the wedding and it will not leave my side. I’m hoping to try Maybelline Baby Skin soon in the hope that it’s a more purse-friendly alternative to Porefessional.